Tear Drops

Flasher TearFLASHER TEAR (Purchase Here)
A new spin in an old reliable lure, the Flasher Tear upgrades the design with bigger hooks and a larger hook gap. The wider gap makes it easier to hook big fish whether you are fishing with minnows or regular live bait.

The Flasher Tear contains a fine gold wire hook, bright neon front colors, and a painted back with long lasting glow red for that “little extra” a fisherman needs in low light conditions. Available hook sizes of #2, #8 and #10.

Minnesota Tear




MINNESOTA TEAR (Purchase Here)
The Minnesota Tear drop lure not only comes with the traditional silver back, but includes new fisherman favorites with six bright fish catching color patterns. They come in four hook sizes #6, #8, #10, and #12.

3 Dot Tear






3 DOT TEAR (Purchase Here)
Here is another solid fish catcher. The 3 Dot Tear is a two-toned jig with three added black dots for a unique fish catching pattern.

We provide three color patterns with #8 and #10 hook sizes and another six color patterns with #6 and #12 hook sizes.

Glow Tear






GLOW TEAR (Purchase Here)
Our Glow Tear jigs come in two fish catching patterns and three glow colors with silver backs.

All jigs are handmade and hand painted for the best finish around and most importantly, you will not find paint in the eyes of our jigs! There are three color patterns with #8 and #10 hook sizes.

Candy Stripe





CANDY STRIPE (Purchase Here)
The candy stripe pattern has been around for a long time but we have enhanced this time proven favorite by giving the jigs vibrant front colors with a long lasting red glow paint on the back. There are six color patterns with #6 and #8 hook sizes.







TWO TONE GLOW TEAR (Purchase Here)
Snyder Lures tear drops will fast become a favorite with our two tone patterns and the glow red backs. There are six color patterns with #4, #8, #10 and #12 hook sizes.

Flipper Tears






FLIPPER TEAR (Purchase Here)
A favorite among fishermen, the Flipper Tear is made from a soldered brass blade adorned with gold flippers and a extra wide hook gap topped with and extra sharp, 2XL tip.

Each Flipper Tear has a red glow-in-the-dark back and comes in 5 colors and a complete gold option. Available in 1/32 oz and 1/16 oz. Available spring 2015.