Monthly Archives: December 2017

The Game Changer as seen in In-Fisherman Magazine

According to In-Fisherman magazine our new lure the “Game Changer” is the most outstanding new lure in pan fishing. We are very excited to bring this lure to market. Our extensive lure testing proved that not only pan fish are willing to fall victim to the unique action of the Game Changer but predator fish are fooled as well! The Game Changer will be available for purchase on our website very soon.

Meet our new Pro Staff member Mitchell Kettner

We are pleased to announce our newest addition to the Snyders Lures family, Mitchell Kettner. Mitchell is from Glencoe Minnesota but currently attends South Dakota State University. Mitchell lives and breathes fishing and loves to share his passion with others. We are excited to see what the future brings for Mitchell.

o share his passion

Success with the “Lil Rascal” by Pro Staff Matt Ress

 I use the Lil Rascal as a search bait as well as my confidence lure. My  favorite color is any with gold. When I see Fish on the locator I drop down to them making sure to keep the lure at minimum 1 foot above. I basically “vibrate” the lure with a light steady jigging motion. As the fish rise up through the column I start to bring the lure higher all the while still jigging or vibrating it.  Occasionally as they’re coming up I’ll stall it. Then return to my vibrating or fast jigging technique. I almost always have the lure jigging or dancing on the line. Occasionally I’ll rip the lure up two or three times to use the blades on it as a call lure. I’ve caught a lot of little fish on it and big fish. I use the Lil Rascal on an ice blue series light rod combo with two pound test line.