Team Snyders

The Snyder’s Lures Pro Staff is a hand-picked group of fisherman that Snyder’s Lures has chosen to work closely with. As a part of the Pro Staff, these fisherman spend hundreds of hours on the water, and are extremely knowledgeable with the Snyder’s Lures product line. We are proud to have them as part of our “Family”.

Brian Koshenina

I’m Brian koshenina, owner of Muskies and More Guide Service located in Burnsville Minnesota.

As a professional guide I need to be able to count on the equipment I use. There is nothing worse than seeing a customer lose their “catch of a lifetime” due to poor quality equipment, especially when it comes to lures. I have used countless brands of lures over the years and nothing and, I mean “nothing” stands up to the abuse of everyday use like Snyder’s Lures.

Chris Rivers

If you see Chris Rivers at the lake or a bait shop stop and get a few pointers because chances are Chris will know exactly how to catch them. Chris is a walking “how to” book on how to catch fish, big fish!

Chris has been fishing most of his life for almost every species in the Midwest but tournament Bass fishing is Chris’s true calling.

With over 39 years of competitive fishing under his belt Chris has made a name for himself by consistently boating big fish for tournament wins!

Sam Souter

My name is Sam Souter. I am 17 years old and live in Madison South Dakota with my 2 two younger brothers, my mom and Dad, and my 2 labs.

I have been fishing, hunting, and been in the outdoors  as far as I can remember. I moved to South Dakota in the fall of 2016. Depending on the time of year every weekend, I go ice fishing, bowfishing , open water fishing or duck hunting. I enjoy fishing for anything, but what really gets me going is chasing jumbo perch, walleyes, crappies and big gills.

Now that I moved to South Dakota there is a lot less of the sun fish and crappies but a ton of jumbo perch, walleyes and Big pike.  Some day I would like to guide fishing and possibly own my own guiding service.

I am excited to keep living and loving my life on the water and working with Snyders handcrafted lures.

Amanda Elms

My name is Amanda Elms. I grew up on the Minnesota/South Dakota border in the small town of Chokio. From a very young age to the present day, I have spent all the time I could in the outdoors, either by fishing and hunting with my family, or just by enjoying the great outdoors.
Snyder Lures has been a staple in my ice bag for years as they are always developing innovative designs that are extremely effective on all types of species and presentations. 

Nick Elms

My name is Nick Elms. I grew up in Waukenabo Minnesota fishing and hunting on the western slopes of the South Dakota Coteau Prairie as well as the northern lakes region of North Central Minnesota with family residing in both regions.
I developed a great passion early on for trophy class pan fish and particularly giant “Jumbo” perch and “747” Bull bluegills and was fortunate in being in two prime regions to develop an expertise to locate and encounter these rare and fragile specimens!

Justin Casanova

My name is Justin Casonova. I grew up in the small town of Ramona, South Dakota.
When I was younger I never really enjoyed being at the lake. I fell in love with fishing and the outdoors when I was 17. The one thing that made me fall in love with the sport was a night where I sat on a road bed along side a lake  with an older gentleman listening to all of his stories about how much fishing he used to do when he was younger. Being able to share that moment with him, and catching a bunch of fish while doing so made me go crazy for fishing. To me, it’s not always about catching a bunch of fish, it’s about the memories you make with those along your side!

Dalton Benage

Hey all, my name is Dalton Benage.

My passion for the outdoors stared at a young age when my dat would take me out hunting and fishing near Cedar Mills Minnesota where I grew up. Some of my fondest memories with my dad were fishing for black and white crappie on the various small lakes. 

Nate Edwards

My name is Nate Edwards. I grew up in SE South Dakota around some of the best lakes in the south part of the state. I have always been passionate about fishing. You will always find me at least once on a lake every week or maybe more. I’m here to showcase how Snyders Lures have helped me be successful on soft and hard water!

Cooper Anderson

My name is Cooper Anderson and I grew up in Madison South Dakota and have been outdoors for as long as I can remember. I started turning my hobby in to more of a career once I hit high school and now I can’t get enough! My favorite species to target has to be big walleyes with small mouth bass not far behind. From session to season I spend most all of my free time either fishing open water, ice or in a layout blind waiting on some ducks and geese to get to the feed.

Will Zellmann

My names is Will Zellmann, I grew up in BemidjI Minnesota and have been hunting and fishing ever since I was young. I’m attending BemidjI state to continue school and play baseball while also still pursuing all my favorite hunting and fishing hotspots. I spend my summers on the boat fishing, while In the fall I spend most my time in A-frames or layout blinds hunting geese and ducks. My winters consist of fishing hard water targeting lots of walleye, crappie, and burbot are my favorites. Snyders handcrafted lures is a lure I’ve used for years and trust and I’m excited to be apart of the team!

Harrison Schaalma

Hi my name is Harrison Schaalma, I’m 18 years old and live in bemidji Minnesota. I have been fishing since I was 5 years old. My grandparents own Snyder lures and I have been watching Grandpa make them and try to help since I can remember. Fishing is a passion for me and something I love to do. I have been using Snyder lures since the first day of fishing.  My favorite type of fishing is crappie and perch.

Tony Thiel

Greetings from Appleton, Wisconsin! My name is Tony Thiel. If I'm not working at The Sportsman (fishing pro shop in Appleton), I'm likely on the water fishing with my kids. We have Green Bay, the Fox River, and the Lake Winnebago system surrounding us, which is primarily where we fish for multi-species. Ice fishing is my favorite fishing season, and I, as well as many others, have been finding great success on local fisheries with Snyder Lures. We carry a very large selection of Snyder Lures, in store only, too. They work great open water, as well.

Kodi Straight
My name is Kodi Straight 
I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Also known as the last frontier. I grew up fishing for Salmon,Trout, and all saltwater fish. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago I really got into the ice fishing. I am currently a guide for ChasingTalesGuideService out of lake Louise Alaska. This is where I was introduced to Snyders Lures and let me tell you. I can’t live with out them. They are a must for me to catch the fresh bait I use for my guided trips.