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This lure is downright "Sexy"! There's nothing like it in the industry. This devil has some moves. The Stripper is one of Gary's favorite lures and for good catches BIG fish! From Walleye to Pike there is no doubt you NEED this lure in your arsenal.

The Stripper is a super radical vertical spoon with a Colorado blade that can be raised and lifted over the eye of the hook making the blade upside down.

Jigging the spoon, the blade will spin on the fall and will dart on the rise due to the blade flipping back and forth. We guarantee the fish have never seen this!
Tip this lure with a minnow or minnow head and watch the big fish DROOL! (Shown in size 8) only The stripper comes in 6 colors and in size 8 and 10 hook.

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