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360 "Death" Roll

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New colors for 2022-23!

Gary Snyder has outdone himself again with the new "360 Death Roll" spoon. Featured in the October issue of In-Fisherman(page 18, 2021), this radically designed lure features a patent pending blade design and a high grade swivel attached by split ring to the 1"5/16 body.

The spoon itself has been designed to spin to imitate a dying minnow. This unique movement has the flash of a small patent pending propeller blade with a flipper blade next to the round bend treble hook flashing on the bottom.

This radically designed lure has never been seen before by fisherman or fish.

Extensive tank and field testing has shown that the 360 Death Roll spins 360 degrees in the lightest current and grabs the attention of both active fish and non feeding fish!

Pro Tip-*** Make sure and use a SNAP when using the 360 Death Roll. Do NOT tie your line directly to the bearing swivel, your line will break and you will loose your lure.***

(Open Water) use for Walleye, Crappie, Bass and Pike. Tip with a Leech, Crawler, soft plastic or minnow. Troll, Vertical jig or suspend under a bobber.

(Hard Water) for Walleye-Jig off the bottom using a 1 foot raise,drop and pause method. Jig faster to call in fish and slow down when fish are present. Fish will often bite on the pause. Use this same method for other predator fish

The 360 Roll comes in 12 color patterns including Realistic, Ulta violet and glow paint.

*Don't forget your snap for easy on/off lure exchange!*

Available in hook sizes 8 and 10. Weight Approximately 1/16 oz

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For the past 4 decades, Gary Snyder has been designing and developing lures in the hopes that fisherman just like him will be able to land their dream catch. Snyder’s passion for fishing and lure design runs through his veins, and each of his lures has been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the goals you are looking to achieve. And with hundreds of lures to choose from, you can be sure that Snyder has designed a lure that specifically matches the type of fish you are looking to reel in.

So what are you waiting for? Good fishermen know how to catch fish, great fishermen know how to catch the “one”. So if you’re looking to catch the “one” that you will be telling stories about for years, pick up a Gary Snyder specialty lure today.

Customer Reviews

Quality Jigs

I absolutely love the Froggit jigs these guys have! They make quality jigs that will give you an edge whether, you are trying to out fish your buddies or competing on a big stage, you need these lures!

Jake Gardner
Guntersville, AL

These Lures Call In Fish

So I picked up this Stripper lure from Taber's in Bemidji, MN. I was in about 12 feet of water jigging aggressively to try to catch the eyes of some fish in the area. Before long, I looked down the hole and saw a huge Pike swim by. I jigged aggressively one more time to call it back and on the fall I felt the tug, I set the hook, and felt one good head shake and my line was snapped. I probably missed my personal best Pike. A work of advise, use a leader cause these lures call in fish.

Justin Moen
Greenbush, MN

Extremely Impressed

I always thought that I had my favorite lures figured out until this year when, I decided to go trout fishing. I had never used any Snyder lures product but, I noticed my local bait shop had some of the big shakers. They had two bigger sizes and two smaller ones. Since, they did not have any other spoons small enough to trout fish I tried Snyder Lures out. All, I can say is that I am EXTREMELY impressed. Very good hooks for more landing percentage, great action, many colors and sizes to choose from. Since, then I have tried some other lures and have done very well for Crappies and Walleyes. Snyder's is now my go to for all my fishing needs.

Wyatt Jensen
Isle, MN

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